On being right

Its never really about being right, because being right is dependent on the perspective.

I’m sitting in my favorite restaurant in NY city, enjoying the explosive aftermath of flavors left behind by my lunch (yeah its spicey), and can’t help noticing this couple engaged in animated conversation.

It appears to be a whining session (or better known as “venting”). Apparently they both have a lot to say. I’m not really listening to them, just watching their body language, and its all about “I was right and this other person did this wrong to me”.

The great thing is watching them articulate (using body language) what they want to say. When the woman is talking she’s leaning towards the man, and the man leans back arms crossed, however, when he talks the woman gets back to eating but his arms uncross.

Then there’s silence. Some probing questions from the man, and she’s off again.

Very amusing I must say.

We as a species like to categorize and rationalize things, people, actions. Its cross cultural; in my example the man is indian and the woman is asian. The rationalization is done typically by associating said event with something we know or have experienced before.

Logic would dictate that the more interaction we have with different people the more varied or richer our context or language for categorization and hence rationalization.

Ultimately, what it really boils down to is opinions, and opinions are neither right nor wrong, they’re just opinions, its how we color them. The more we live life the more we can understand this intricately and infinitely richly woven tapestry of human behaviour. Well, that’s just my opinion… 😉