Installing “fortune” on my Mac

Fortune is a terminal command that when typed who return a fortune, its something that used to be on Unix computers when I was a Unix jockey, waaay back (can’t even remember exactly when; 1989?).

Googling, resulting in executing the following command:

However, Homebrew (brew) wasn’t installed, so more Googling…

Googling, for how to install Homebrew resulted me with this page: https://coolestguidesontheplanet.com/installing-homebrew-on-macos-sierra-package-manager-for-unix-apps/

The juicy bit is this:

I received the “Installation successful!” message and went on to install fortune with the following command:

However, now I received the following error:


Had the following embedded in the output:

I then ran the following 2 commands:

and now “fortune” is working well on my Mac.

Copernicus:~ Kal$ fortune
Your good nature will bring you unbounded happiness.