Installing “fortune” on my Mac

Fortune is a terminal command that when typed who return a fortune, its something that used to be on Unix computers when I was a Unix jockey, waaay back (can’t even remember exactly when; 1989?).

Googling, resulting in executing the following command:

However, Homebrew (brew) wasn’t installed, so more Googling…

Googling, for how to install Homebrew resulted me with this page: https://coolestguidesontheplanet.com/installing-homebrew-on-macos-sierra-package-manager-for-unix-apps/

The juicy bit is this:

I received the “Installation successful!” message and went on to install fortune with the following command:

However, now I received the following error:


Had the following embedded in the output:

I then ran the following 2 commands:

and now “fortune” is working well on my Mac.

Copernicus:~ Kal$ fortune
Your good nature will bring you unbounded happiness.

Trouble with IT

How do I increase a Virtual Box Virtual Disk Image’s size?

Need more space on your Virtual Disk image? I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (using my MSDN subscription) on Oracle’s Virtual Box, but didn’t guestimate the size of my virtual disk correctly. Let’s just say that 30gb is not enough if you want to install Office 2010, Visio for Enterprise Architects, and a flavor of Visual Studio.

Seeing as I kept the Virtual Disk dynamic, I theoretically should be able to increase the size of the disk from the Virtual Box console. Well, no such luck.

Here’s a summary of the steps required to achieve this:

  1. Create a virtual disk (as large as you want)
  2. Clone the old disk to the new disk (command line tool)
  3. Detach the old disk from the Virtual Machine (using the Virtual Box console)
  4. Attach the new disk to the Virtual Machine (using the Virtual Box console)
  5. Boot up the Virtual Machine
  6. Using Computer Management, extend disk space (i.e. within Windows 7) Continue reading